July 30, 2021

Made For Shade

Made For ShadeSummer is getting closer, which means the sun is getting hotter. As the daily temperatures climb, you need to keep your home, your vehicles, and most importantly yourself protected from harmful UV rays. And what’s the best way to stay safe without burning a hole in your wallet? Shades! Here are just some of the types of shades that can lower your risk and bills this summer. 

1. Natural Shades

Some forms of natural shade, like clouds, are completely out of our control. However, some other shadow-casters can cover your property all year round. The most popular option is also great for the environment: TREES! As long as your HOA and city codes allow for it, there are a variety of trees you can add to your yard to protect your home from all sorts of elements, including the sun. 

2. Sturdy Shades

If you’re looking for a source of shade that’s nearly as sturdy as a tree, but doesn’t take years to reach maturity, look no further than a gazebo. Whether you’re thinking about covering a small outdoor dining area or an entire patio, there are a variety of materials and shapes of gazebos that can provide durable protection while potentially increasing the value of your property. And for another potential property boost, consider installing interior shutters, which are often considered a built-in part of your home. 

3. Hanging Shades

For a less permanent fixture, look for shades that can be hung over the areas of your home that are the most susceptible to the sun. A great place to start would be window shades, which are excellent for lowering your indoor temperature and preserving the color of your rugs and furniture. Outside, you can’t go wrong with a tastefully situated shade sail. These geometric tarps perfectly protect everything from automobiles to grills.

4. Portable Shades

And, if you’re looking for a more seasonal solution, there are plenty of portable shade options that can be set up and taken apart in a matter of minutes. Pop-up canopies, for example, provide easy heat relief for everything from outdoor barbecues to entrepreneurial children starting a lemonade stand. For smaller areas, you can’t go wrong with an anchored umbrella. And, if you want the shade to follow you wherever you go, don’t forget a sun hat. 

So, how are you going to keep your cool this summer? Give me a call and let me know which source of shade strikes your fancy, or if you have any other questions about your property. Stay safe, stay shaded, and stay in touch! 

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